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Welcome to the Aware and Prepared podcast where I, Mandi, a trained domestic violence victim advocate helps those feeling vulnerable learn emotional self defense and how to be street smart. 

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My Story

Photo of Mandi Pratt, Women's Self Defense Advocate

Hi, I'm Mandi

After being abused and stalked, I got tired of the fear and decided it was up to ME to be safe. 

Over the past decade I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in personal, hands-on training with

  • Top level self-defense instructors
  • A 40 hour advocacy course at a local women’s shelter
  • A Citizen’s Academy through my local police department 

I am now my own bodyguard. And I can’t wait to share with YOU the best resources that helped me transform from feeling unsafe and worried to having my OWN ability to protect myself and son with more peace!

I never want anyone to feel trapped and scared like I did.

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