Mandi shares a personal story of her son at high school dealing with feeling unsafe due to all the recent school shootings. Hear what she did to find out just how safe their school was. Listen as she shares the questions she asked the school vice principal and what response she got. These questions may be asked at any school, college or even office. They may spark some other questions you may think of.

Lessons Learned

15 School Safety Questions To Ask Your School, College or Office Admin

  1. What is the current protocol to keep kids safe at our school?

  2. Are the police called when the fire alarm goes off?

  3. How many school resource officers (SRO’s) are on campus?

  4. When are the SRO’s / security on campus?

  5. Are they armed?

  6. Are all classroom doors locked during school? 

  7. Is security present for after school events, such as sports, theater, etc.?

  8. Have you trained for an active shooter event? When was the last time?

  9. Does our school safety team conduct an after action review of recent active shooter events to seek lessons learned?

  10. How often does SWAT / PD conduct exercises with the school?

  11. Does that team maintain building plans for all the schools in their jurisdiction?

  12. How does the school deal with threat information?

  13. Does someone make sure that a kid posing a threat gets help? Do you watch for abnormal behavior? What does the school do if they suspect something?

  14. Are there staff out at the parking lot before and after school specifically to watch for any trouble?

  15. What else is being done to keep the school and every child safe?

Ask Mandi for a copy of this list (through the links below), which comes with:

  • 3 Tips for School Safety and 

  • 7 Things To Do In Case of a School Shooting


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