Self defense podcast cover aware and prepared with host mandi pratt

3 Games To Strengthen Observational Skills

3 Games To Strengthen Your Observational Skills [Ep. 54]

Self defense podcast cover aware and prepared with host mandi pratt



In this podcast episode, Mandi announces the rebranding of her podcast to “Aware and Prepared” and shares why. She states the podcast is now one year old and shares statistics on the podcast’s listenership. The top 10 episodes from the past year are listed. 



Mandi then introduces three games to improve situational awareness that one can challenge themselves with or do with a friend or family member. 


1. How many exits are in the place you are currently in?


2. Have a scream competition. Who is the loudest?


3. Pick a target to look for and see how many times you see it (ex. how many people in white shirts?)


Make it a competition if you’re with friends or family for fun!




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