7 Teen Dating Violence Myths and Real Life Examples

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In this podcast episode, Mandi introduces a small membership for listeners, sharing insights from their recent quarterly call. A member’s question prompts a discussion on how exactly to call the non-emergency police line and will you get dispatch on the line when you do? Listen to her Mandi answer the question.


Lessons Learned

  • Teenage dating violence is a prevalent and serious issue: The host emphasizes that it is an epidemic affecting the younger generation, and it is crucial to recognize its severity.

  • Teenage dating violence starts earlier than expected: Contrary to common beliefs, such issues can arise even in the pre-teen years, making early education on healthy relationships imperative.

  • Educate kids earlier, bit by bit, about recognizing red flags in relationships: It is crucial to educate children at an age-appropriate level gradually and help them identify red flags in relationships, even within friendships. The podcast stresses the importance of noticing possessiveness, jealousy, and other warning signs early on.


Dr. Jill Murray –  Book titled “Teens and Relationships: How Technology and Media Culture is Influencing the Way They Date.”

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