Mandi continues in the Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn series and lists out 8 things she does to calm her nervous system. It’s important to feel safe! 

Lessons Learned

List of 8 Things To Calm The Nervous System:

  1. Pet your dog or cat slowly and savor the moment
  2. Listen to gentle music, maybe nature sounds like birds singing
  3. Wrap yourself in a soft blanket
  4. Take mindful sips of your tea or mindful bites as you begin eating
  5. Calm your breathing (box breathing or double the exhale than the inhale)
  6. Sensory walks
  7. Calming essential oils diffused or on your wrist
  8. Daycation (a day away with no distractions) or at least an hour away


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Mandi mentioned Forest Bathing (consciously connecting with what’s around you) offered at The Huntington Library and Gardens near Los Angeles

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