My Story

Photo of Mandi Pratt, Women's Self Defense Advocate

Hi, I'm Mandi

After being abused and stalked, I got tired of the fear and decided it was up to ME to be safe. 

Over the past decade I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in personal, hands-on training with

  • Top level self-defense instructors
  • A 40 hour advocacy course at a local women’s shelter
  • A Citizen’s Academy through my local police department 

I am now my own bodyguard. And I can’t wait to share with YOU the best resources that helped me transform from feeling unsafe and worried to having my OWN ability to protect myself and son with more peace!

I never want anyone to feel trapped and scared like I did.

How I help others live a safer life with more peace!

Two thinks to know before buying pepper spray

"I was able to read this entire book in about 30 minutes and learned so much about pepper spray. I feel more confident now should I ever find myself in a situation where I might need to use it.
- Nelly"

Women Aware and Prepared

“Loved it! I didn’t realize how many simple things you can do to stay informative and made me feel empowered! Every woman needs to learn this.”
- Helen

Your audience will walk away empowered!

"That was great, and really helpful -- thank you so much! You really made a big contribution to the women this evening! Thank you!"
- Rosie, Women's Team

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