Am I Addicted To Chaos and Drama?



DRAMA DETOX! Dr. Jill Murray realized her life was filled with chaotic and drama-filled relationships. Determined to change, she made the drastic decision to cut out all toxic relationships, including some family members and friends. 

She apologized for her past dishonesty about her seemingly perfect life and embraced a period of loneliness, which eventually led to healthier, more supportive relationships. She highlights the addictive nature of drama, the importance of self-awareness, and taking responsibility for one’s own thoughts, behaviors, and reactions as key steps in breaking free from a cycle of chaos and victimhood.


Lessons Learned

We can get addicted to drama and sometimes find ourselves seeing ourselves as a victim.  

Do a check. Are we the common denominator in all of these chaotic toxic relationships?

Drama is an actual addiction that happens in our brain. 

We only have control over three things: Our own thoughts / own behaviors / own reactions



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