What happens when you’re not able to listen to your intuition? Intuition is a survival mechanism. What happens when your brain listens to EVERYTHING and is on hyperdrive? Maybe your brain is addicted to struggle. Listen to Mandi talk about 

  • What intuition is
  • What to do with what your intuition is telling you
  • What impedes your intuition from working well

      Lessons Learned

      Lesson 1 = Intuition is our subconscious collecting clues that alert us to danger. 

      Lesson 2 = If you’ve experienced trauma, your body may be stuck in fight or flight where your brain is addicted to struggle. 

      Lesson 3 = To get your body unaddicted to fight or flight I recommend that you see a counselor, maybe even tell your doctor. It’s important to just start being aware. 

      Lesson 4 = You’re not alone because a lot of people go through this. Once you start peeling away the layers of the addiction to fight or flight, then your body relaxes and you can start to notice the helpful subconscious clues.  


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