This episode with special guest, Adam Dodge, continues the conversation from last episode on the complexities of gender-based violence in the digital age, the importance of developing empathy and awareness in online interactions and what we can do to help prevent tech-abuse.

Lessons Learned

    1. Prevention is key. Providing young adults with tools to navigate online spaces from a young age. can help prevent tech facilitated violence. 

    1. Parents should be equipped with the knowledge and resources to guide their children in building digital instincts and navigating online spaces safely. 

    1. Recognize the importance of age appropriate content. We talked about teaching children, how to navigate age appropriate content online being crucial, given the vast and easily accessible digital landscape. 

    1. Understand the digital world’s unique challenges. Concepts like consent, empathy and boundaries take on different forms in the online world and children should be educated accordingly. 

    1. Catfishing awareness: teaching children how to recognize and verify the identity of online contacts can help protect them from impersonation.

    1. Encourage open communication. Parents can create a safe and open environment for children to discuss their online experiences and concerns.



Adam Dodge, founder of EndTAB (helping organizations keep people safe in the digital age) and The Tech-Savvy Parent (helping parents keep kids safe online), can be found on Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter @Adam R Dodge.

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