Signs of a Potential Threat


Watch for any of these sings. Again, trust your gut and don’t rationalize your suspicions. Leave if you feel uncomfortable.

  1. Hands are clenched or hiding
  2. Quick breathing or deep sighs
  3. Sweaty
  4. Empty stare
  5. Unnecessary touching of face, neck, smoothing hair, etc.
  6. Clenched jaw
  7. Target glancing (ex. your purse)
  8. Excessively looking around
  9. Following, blocking or running at you


(As they approach you, for example, at a gas station)

  1. “Do you have the time?” (So you look away and they can move in.)
  2. “Do you know how to get to x, y, z? (To draw you in.)
  3. “Do you have a cigarette?” / “Got a lighter?” (Excuse to get closer to you.)

Respond confidently with “I’m sorry. I can’t help.” while quickly walking away. Be firm and ready to escalate verbally (but don’t be rude as that throws heat on the fire). Practice.

Don’t be afraid to cause a scene and make some noise!

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How to Spot Bad Guys Article.

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