Cyndi from the San Bernardino District Attorney Office and Detective Roberts from the Chino Police Department join Mandi, the host, in discussing restraining orders. 


Mandi shares her own story of getting a restraining order and learning what it did and did NOT do.


They discuss what a restraining order is, what it does and does not do, the different types of orders, important things to know about these, how they are served, and so much more!


They also discuss the victim resources available to help a victim in the process of getting a restraining order and receiving other help.

Lessons Learned

1. If you’re asking if you should get a restraining order, you probably need one. Learn the facts and make your decision.


2. A restraining order is simply a piece of paper that sets boundaries and gives the police grounds to arrest if the order is not heeded. It is for people 18 and older including yourself and family and pets living with you. There is an emergency protective order given by police, a temporary order that you then file for a permanent order. There is also a criminal protective order through the courts. No contact and no-negative contact.


3. A perpetrator is served the restraining order papers by someone 18 or older who can be a mutual friend or perhaps someone from the sheriff’s office. Check with your local county.


4. Recognize the cycle of violence with the honeymoon phase (tension builds, incident occurs, honeymoon phase, repeat).


5. Power and control wheel (co-ercion, threats, intimidation, emo abuse, isolation, minimize, deny, blame, financial abuse, using children or pets, using male privilege) How does one get out? By becoming empowered through resources offered through local authorities and shelters.


6. Main lesson – you’re not alone. This has happened to many and you don’t have to go through it alone.



Restraining Orders in the state of California


Power and Control Wheel 


DV Hotline


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