Do you have a tendency to avoid conflict and just comply? Listen to Mandi discuss what Fawn looks like in the Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn scenario. 

Lessons Learned

Lesson 1 = Practice going to carry with you

Lesson 3 = Visualize what you’d do in the scenarios again and again



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Mandi mentioned a Psychology Today article that lists what a fawn response may look like:


  • You look to others for how you feel in a relationship or a situation
  • It is difficult to identify your feelings, even when you are alone
  • You often feel like you have no identity
  • You are constantly trying to please the people in your life
  • At the first sign of conflict, your first instinct is to appease the angry person
  • You ignore your own beliefs, thoughts, and truths and accept those of the people around you
  • You may experience unusual emotional responses when issues do not involve people of importance in your life. This could include emotional outbursts at strangers or sudden sadness throughout the day.
  • You feel self-anger and guilt some or most of the time
  • Saying no to those around you is a challenge
  • You are overwhelmed at times but take on more if asked
  • You lack boundaries and are often taken advantage of in relationships
  • You are uncomfortable or threatened when asked to give an opinion

Mandi also mentions the book “Science of Stuck” from the guest she will have on soon.

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