Get Unstuck: Navigating Freeze Responses + Intuition with Britt Frank

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Afraid you’ll freeze when in danger or in an awkward social situation? 


Returning guest, Britt Frank, LSCSW, SEP and Mandi discuss the often-overlooked freeze response, exploring its biological basis and the associated feelings of shame. They highlight that freezing is a natural, uncontrollable reaction and stress the importance of self-compassion and preparation. 



Britt introduces concepts from her workbook, and then emphasizes listening to one’s intuition and building trust in oneself to manage responses more effectively, providing a compassionate and empowering perspective on staying safer mentally.


Lessons Learned

Freeze Response: Understand that freezing is a natural, uncontrollable reaction, not a conscious choice.



Self-Compassion: Emphasize the importance of self-compassion when dealing with freeze responses.



Preparation: Focus on preparing to minimize the likelihood of freezing, though it cannot be entirely prevented.



Intuition: Learn to listen to and trust your intuition to better navigate potentially unsafe situations.



Workbook Insights: Utilize Britt Frank’s workbook for practical exercises tailored to individual learning styles.



Recovery Strategies: Develop strategies to recover from a freeze response effectively.



Biological Reality: Recognize that freeze responses are biological and not indicative of personal failure.



Training: Acknowledge that even with training, freeze responses can occur, and it’s essential to be kind to oneself.


Holistic Approach: Address anxiety, procrastination, relationships, and boundaries as part of a comprehensive mental health strategy.



Britt Frank’s Books: The Science of Stuck /  The Getting Unstuck Workbook



Movie mentioned: Inside Out by Pixar



Website: Britt Frank’s website with books:


Social Media: Britt Frank’s Instagram: @britfrank



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