How To Keep Your Kid Safer Online - Part 2!



Mandi continues a crucial conversation about online safety for children with Clay from the Cyber Safety Cop. Their discussion centers on the alarming issue of online grooming and how children, regardless of their family background, are susceptible to manipulation and exploitation. 


The conversation dives into the tactics predators use to exploit children’s need for love and acceptance, creating a false sense of trust that can lead to severe consequences. 


Clay urges parents to stay vigilant, emphasizing the importance of monitoring their children’s online activities and maintaining open communication.


Lessons Learned

Online Grooming Risks: come from the disconnect between online actions and real-life consequences making them susceptible to manipulation


Predator Tactics: exploit children’s desire for love and acceptance, manipulating them into believing they are cared for, ultimately aiming to sexualize the relationship and coerce the child into producing explicit material or meeting in person


Parental Vigilance: is of utmost importance to monitor their children’s online activities actively to prevent potential harm


Parents Bridge The Gap: educate kids about potential risks they face (use Clay’s material on his website


Open Communication: with your kids about online safety is crucial. Parents create a safe space for their children to discuss their online experiences and potential concerns


Sexting Challenges: need for parents to address this issue as part of the broader conversation about online safety


Multiple Layers of Protection: parental controls, online safety apps like Bark, and regular communication is essential for ensuring a child’s safety 


Parental Rights: parents have the moral and legal right to monitor and set restrictions on their kid’s devices


Clay’s website with MANY great practical resources (contracts, checklists, online training) to keep kids safer online is


He recommends to monitor dangers on your child’s device.( for outside the U.S.)


He authored the book “Parenting in the Digital World” and was recognized with the National Anti Bullying Award for his contributions


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