How To Keep Your Kid Safer Online!

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In this podcast episode, the guest is Clayton Cranford, a retired law enforcement sergeant from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, who has expertise in internet safety for families. 


He emphasizes the importance of addressing online safety for children. Clay also discusses the challenges parents face in managing their children’s digital world, especially during breaks when kids may have more unsupervised screen time. 


He stresses the need for open communication with children about online risks and the importance of establishing a trusting relationship. Clay also suggests tools like the Bark app to monitor and alert parents to potential issues on their child’s device. Lastly, he covers using parental controls, which he says he walks through step by step in his book.


Lessons Learned

Delay Device Introduction as long as possible before introducing smartphones and social media


Open Communication is Key to encourage kids to discuss their online experiences and mistakes without fear of judgment


Use Monitoring Tools like Bark to monitor a child’s online activity and alert parents to issues


Limit Screen Time, especially during breaks, helps maintain a balance between online and offline activities


No Devices in Bedrooms while sleeping to minimize unsupervised online activities and potential risks


Educate About Risks such as cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content


Set Parental Controls on devices to filter and block inappropriate content


Choose Safe Apps – vet and approve each app before your child downloads it, like Snapchat.


Consider Alternative Devices for preteens, like smartwatches instead of phones


Address Impact of P0rn0graphy and it’s harm caused by early exposure to pornography and engage in open discussions about healthy relationships


Remind kids that their device is paid for by you and you own it!


Clay’s website with MANY great practical resources to keep kids safer online is


He recommends to monitor dangers on your child’s device

He authored the book Parenting in the Digital World and was recognized with the National Anti Bullying Award for his contributions


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