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Inside The Mind of An Active Shooter – Effective Intervention

Inside The Mind of An Active Shooter: Effective Intervention (Part 2)

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In this episode, the host and guest – Dr. Manny Tau, a seasoned threat assessment expert, discuss the case of Elliot Rodger, an active shooter responsible for a tragic rampage in Isla Vista (USCB area of Santa Barbara). 


Dr. Tau highlights Rodger’s entitlement, narcissism, and lack of empathy as contributing factors to his violent actions. 


By examining Rodger’s progression through stages of violent ideation and planning, Dr. Tau emphasizes the importance of early intervention and the complexity of identifying at-risk individuals.


The episode also explores broader societal trends, such as entitlement and declining resilience, underscoring the need for proactive measures and fostering connections to prevent such tragedies.



Lessons Learned

Cluster of three behaviors in threat assessment for targeted violence: narrowing of focus on a target, wrapping up of malicious behavior, leakage of obsessions via words.



Three areas these behaviors manifest in: threat posturing, preparatory behaviors, rehearsal fantasies.



Threats can be direct (“I’m going to hurt you”) or indirect (“You better watch your back”).



Indicators of credible threat: increased specificity in targeting, investment of time/resources, rehearsal fantasies/obsessions.



Importance of using specific language when reporting to authorities to garner correct attention.



Suggestions for anonymous reporting: hotlines with local police or FBI.



Reporting options for different settings: school (senior resource officer, assistant principal, counselor), workplace (HR), domestic violence (hotline, shelter).



Utilization of resources like the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals for assistance.



Not seeking help due to fear of retaliation worsens the situation.



Objectives of threat assessments: assess immediacy/severity, develop behavioral profile, identify behavioral trajectories to prevent violence.




Association of Threat Assessment Professionals Hotline for anonymous tips of ANY situation in the U.S. 1-800-78-CRIME



Domestic Violence Hotline: / Text “Start” to 88788 / Call 1-800–799-SAFE (7233)



Dr. Manny Tau



Story and Timeline of Isla Vista Rampage



Victims of Isla Vista Rampage



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