Is My Dating Relationship Healthy? Lessons from Gabby Petito's Experience [Episode 50]

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Mandi delves into the tragic story of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, highlighting the red flags that were present in their relationship before it turned deadly. She discusses warning signs (red flags) of abusive relationships, such as control, jealousy, and isolation, and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing these issues. 


Additionally, a list of green flags—positive qualities and behaviors—that signify healthy and mature relationships are listed. 


Practical advice is provided for individuals who may find themselves in abusive situations, including reaching out to domestic violence hotlines for support and creating personalized safety plans. Ultimately, the episode encourages listeners to prioritize their well-being and seek help if needed in order to cultivate healthy relationships and lives.



Lessons Learned

Recognize Red Flags: It’s crucial to identify warning signs of abusive relationships, including controlling behavior, jealousy, isolation, and manipulation.


Seek Help: Individuals experiencing abusive relationships should reach out to resources such as domestic violence hotlines and shelters for support and guidance.


Create a Safety Plan: Developing personalized safety plans can help individuals in abusive situations protect themselves and plan for potential emergencies.


Understand Green Flags: It’s equally important to recognize positive qualities and behaviors in relationships that signify health and maturity, such as communication, empathy, and respect.

Prioritize Well-being: Ultimately, listeners are encouraged to prioritize their well-being and seek help if needed to cultivate healthier relationships and lives



National Domestic Violence Hotline:



Domestic Violence Shelters: Google one near you (safely from someone else’s device)



Local Law Enforcement: Dial 9-1-1 or google your nearest police station



Note: Red Flags List is from my DV Advocacy Training through my local DV Shelter



Green Flags List



2 articles about Gabby and Brian: NY Post + People 



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