Cover Graphic Justice for Mica Narcissist Pastor Pedators

Justice For Mica: Narcissistic Pastor Predators


Hear some of the unresolved aspects of Mica Miller’s death and the behavior of her abuser, Pastor JP Miller. The first part updates listeners on the inconsistencies in Micah’s death, as shared by her family. 


The second part delves deeper into JP Miller’s abusive patterns and broader behaviors seen in similar individuals. This part also explores the psychological profile of a narcissistic abuser, including traits like grandiosity, lack of empathy, and entitlement. 


Mandi connects these behaviors to epigenetics, suggesting that trauma and abusive tendencies can be passed through generations, and emphasizes the importance of early intervention and escape for victims. The episode ends with a call for stronger protective laws and recognition of the rights to self-defense. #JusticeForMica.



Lessons Learned

Document everything when facing harassment or abuse



Be aware of the patterns and behaviors of narcissistic abusers



Understand the importance of early intervention in abusive situations



Recognize that trauma and abusive tendencies can be passed through generations



Kow your rights to self-defense and follow legal procedures to protect yourself



Advocate for stronger protective laws and support systems for abuse victims




Raise awareness about the signs of manipulation and grooming, especially by authority figures.



Mica’s Friend and Advocate, Kyler Harlowe Facebook Page (has Mica’s family on video, etc.)




Articles about JP Miller’s illegal actions and actions of his father, Reginald Miller. More here.



Pepper Spray episodes here and here



A Scientific American article on epigenetics study involving mice and the inheritance of trauma responses



Very Well Mind article on epigenetics



Psychology Today article on epigenetics



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