Love is a Behavior With Dr. Jill Murray

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Does the statement “I Love You” match with loving behavior of respect, patience, etc? In this podcast episode, Dr. Jill Murray emphasizes that love should be seen as a consistent behavior rather than merely a feeling or words. 

She highlights the importance of evaluating actions over verbal expressions in relationships and underscores that true friendship and love cannot coexist with abusive behavior. 

Dr. Jill also discusses the value of healthy conflict, which aims for the relationship’s overall success rather than individual victory. She advises individuals to define love for themselves and ensure their partner’s behavior aligns with that definition. For fun, at the end Dr. Jill shares her experience being in the Oprah Winfrey show.


Lessons Learned

Love and Behavior: Love is demonstrated through consistent behavior, not just words. Evaluate actions over words in any relationship.

Healthy Conflict: Disagreements are natural and should aim for the relationship’s overall health, not individual victory.

Defining Love Personally: Each person should define what love means to them and ensure their partner’s behavior aligns with that definition.

NO Excuses for Harmful Behavior: Abusive behavior cannot be justified by expressions of love. Consistent, loving actions are essential.

Empowerment: Supporting and empowering others, especially women, is crucial for collective success.



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