My Story Part 2, With Detective Ryan

True Crime Podcast Story with Detective Ryan


Former Detective Ryan, shares his story of a bank robbing fugitive (my former husband). Ryan describes all the many twists and turns during the 3 years it took to finally apprehend him.

The Women Aware and Prepared podcast continues in a discussion with Ryan, who was a detective working on the case involving the podcast host’s former husband. We pick up the story from Episode I.

Ryan explains that the former husband, who he gives the name “David,” was on parole from his former prison sentence for multiple bank robberies and working as a physician assistant when David befriended a terminally ill individual.

This individual returned to his house late one night and saw someone with a truck loading his safe onto the truck bed. The homeowner alerted the police and the police found surveillance footage with a clear face shot of David. The police ran a record check and found out that David had served several years in prison for bank robbery in Southern CA.

David got away with two high-end paintings, 20 silver coins, some gold, a pocket watch, a unique bronze coin, the victim’s checkbook, and a ring worth $15,000.

David became a missing person and a fugitive on the run. Ryan goes on to discuss a few breaks in the case and how it progressed over 3 years along with the different steps taken to find David.

The case eventually led to the FBI getting involved in the case and David being arrested by a SWAT team. He was sentenced to another term in prison, again for new bank robberies, where he now serves.

The podcast host emphasizes the huge path of destruction that a person like David leaves behind with many victims involved. Ryan gives advice on listening to one’s intuition and on parents raising responsible human beings that care for others.

Lessons Learned

  • Teach your children how to take responsibility for their actions and to be good human beings, to care about other people.
  • Teach your children about what mental illness is.
  • If someone has a mental illness, there are therapies and medications to help, but that is no excuse for abuse.
  • You can’t fix them. Only they can fix themselves.
  • Everyone is responsible for their own behavior.
  • Listen to your gut instinct and don’t ignore warning signs like poor me stories, not wanting to be in photos, blame shifting…


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0:04:25 Investigation of Theft of Valuables from Wealthy Homeowner

0:08:15 A Few Breaks in the Case: Instagram Messages and a Car Search

0:13:10 More Leads and a Telling Photo

0:15:17 Arrest Attempt

0:20:10 Detective Ryan’s Conversation with David’s Girlfriend Regarding His Fugitive Status

0:21:10 The FBI Enters the Case

0:24:15 Stakeout Begins and Arrest of Serial Bank Robber David

0:27:29 Prison Sentencing and Concerned Victims

0:31:22 Conversation Summary: Uncovering the True Identity

0:32:14 Ryan’s Advice: Warning Signs

034:17 Parental Responsibility and Preventing Paths of Destruction

0:37:37 Lessons Learned

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