Navigating Social Media and Real-Life Challenges: Empowering Teens

Podcast cover graphic with Mandi Pratt and Dr. Jill Murray on navigating social media especially for teens


What is THE main issue affecting teens today? In Dr. Jill Murray’s answer: social media. She says platforms like Instagram can create unrealistic expectations and contribute to depression and anxiety. Dr. Jill suggests limiting social media use and encouraging teens to be present in their own lives. 


Excessive social media use isolates and negatively impacts mental health. Learn questions you can ask those addicted to social media to help them enjoy living life in the present.


Lessons Learned

Keeping kids in a domestic violence home is child abuse.  



A victim doesn’t break up a family, an abuser’s behavior does.  



An abuser is not really a good dad (or mom) if he (she) abuses their spouse.



The main issue for kids today is social media – seeing everybody’s highlight reel but not having any real life expectations is not reality.



Limit social media use and ask teens – How does that benefit your life?What does it take away in your life right now?



Spending hours and hours per day on social media makes a kid live in an alternate reality.



This isolation perpetuates depression and anxiety.



Dr. Jill Murray’s website with books listed



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