Self defense podcast cover aware and prepared with host mandi pratt

Parking Lot Safety: Watch Your Back

Parking Lot Safety: Watch Your Back

Self defense podcast cover aware and prepared with host mandi pratt


Self-defense on the road! LIsten and start to feel empowered to lessen your chances of becoming a victim. Covering a range of practical strategies, the discussion emphasizes many simple things one may choose to do to wisely prevent and respond to various scenarios. Improve your safety out and about and feel more safe! Enjoy!.


Lessons Learned

Maintain Safe Distance: Leave a two to three-foot space between your car and the one in front to allow for emergencies.

Strategic Positioning: Choose the middle lane at stop lights or stop signs to avoid potential hazards from pedestrians or objects on the sidewalk.

Parking Strategy: Consider parking facing outwards for a quick getaway if necessary, especially in uncertain areas.

Fuel Management: Keep your gas tank at least a quarter full to avoid running out of gas unexpectedly.

Emergency Preparedness: Equip your car with essentials like jumper cables, spare tire, tire inflator, and emergency kit for unforeseen situations.

Safety Measures During Accidents: Only exit your vehicle in a public space if you feel safe, take photos if necessary, and drive to a safe location before assessing the situation.

Response to Breakdowns: Stay in your locked car with hazard lights on, consider calling 911 and if someone offers help, only crack your window slightly to communicate.

Personal Safety: Avoid accepting rides from strangers when broken down and, if necessary, hide until help arrives.


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