Mandi, the podcast host, shares a heartbreaking story of Caitlin and her dog losing their lives, due to domestic violence, emphasizing the urgent need for help. There is a lack of pet-friendly shelters for domestic violence victims, with only 17% of shelters accommodating pets. 

Mandi shares about Red Rover, an organization working to make 25% of domestic violence shelters pet-friendly by 2025. She also shared a few other resources for victims seeking safety with their pets. 

This episode underscores the importance of providing options for victims with pets and the necessity of change in domestic violence shelters to ensure the safety of both survivors and their pets so they can heal together in safety.



If you are in danger from domestic violence, whether that be physical, emotional, financial, etc. abuse, please go to or call 1-800-799-7233 simply just to get information or to get help with a safety plan. If your abuser will see phone numbers called from your phone, use another phone or dial 211 first and ask to be put through to the DV hotline mentioned above. Of course, call 911 if you are in IMMEDIATE danger.

Caitlyn Speck and Bailey Mae’s story

RedRover Relief 

Purple Leash Project with Purina and RedRover

Safe Havens For Pets mapping project to find a pet-friendly DV shelter

Greyboy Pet Portraits website and Instagram or Facebook for a smile!

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