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book on pepper spray for women's self defense

BOOK: Two things to know before buying Pepper Spray

Pepper spray, mace, what's the difference and will either of these really stop an attacker?

In this info packed how-to guide, I answer every question you may have had about pepper spray and help you become more aware and prepared.

Self Defense Pepper Spray

3 Quick Tips About Pepper Spray

1. It expires after 3-4 years
2. There are two main types - spray or gel
3. The pepper GEL is what I usually recommend. "Sabre" brand.

What people are saying:

"THANK YOU!!! It's SOOOO informative and helpful!! I even sent it to my daughter to read - we both carry around pepper spray.
- Tammi
I thought this was EXCELLENT! Thank you.
- Stephanie
Very reader-friendly for a quick read. I also like the layout - it's easy on the eyes and easy to follow.
- Melissa

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