The Women Aware and Prepared host, Mandi, wraps up a mini series on self defense tools. Today she shares about tactical flashlights, pens and pencils:

  • What are they
  • Why her students prefer them
  • The brands she trusts
  • And much more

Lessons Learned

1. You can use an everyday item as a weapon. You can use a flashlight, you can use a pen, you can use a pencil if they are made with that very durable aluminum. Of course you can use a regular pen or pencil if you need to. But these tactical pens and pencils and flashlights are very durable. They should last a lifetime.


2. If you are purchasing one of these items, you get what you pay for. Remember with the flashlights you want 1000 lumens or more so it’s bright enough to blind somebody if needed. 


3. If you’re going to use a striking tool, like one of these, you have to be very quick, like how a snake strikes. And again practice, practice, practice. 



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