The Women Aware and Prepared host, Mandi, begins a mini series on self defense tools.

Today she talks about pepper spray: what it’s purpose is, how to carry it and the importance of keeping the element of surprise, knowing the tool, practicing with it and knowing its limits.

Next week she will continue teaching about pepper spray: which brand she trusts, different types of sprays, where it’s legal to use it,


Lessons Learned

1. Carry a tool with purpose in a hidden place so you have the element of surprise

2. Our goal is to prevent harm so we use situational awareness to be aware and prepared

3. If we get attacked, pepper spray may give us a split second to distract and escape

4. Practice, practice, practice using our tool with the left hand, the right hand, with your eyes closed


Mandi’s book she mentions is easy to purchase on Amazon and a short, yet helpful read: “Two Things To Know Before Buying Pepper Spray.”

You can find Mandi on Instagram @WomenAwareAndPrepared or her website, where you can find out if you’re doing her 10 top tips to stay safer! Grab the free download at the bottom of the site!

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The primary purpose of the Women Aware and Prepared Podcast is to educate and inform. This podcast series does not constitute advice or services. Please use common sense for your own situation.

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