Stalker Prevention 101 podcast episode about situational awareness and surveillance awareness - true crime story

Stalker Prevention 101: Tracy’s Journey and Proactive Safety Lessons


In this podcast episode, Mandi engages in a conversation with her guest, Joe, who shares a real-life story about helping a woman named Tracy deal with a serious stalking threat. 


Joe, who has a background in teaching shooting and personal defense, explains how Tracy sought his assistance after her life was endangered by a persistent stalker. The story unfolds as he delves into the intense series of classes, phone calls, and advice he provided Tracy beyond just firearm training. Key topics include situational awareness, surveillance, and the importance of expanding one’s security measures beyond the home. 


He emphasized the need to be vigilant and proactive in dealing with potential threats, offering practical advice on recognizing surveillance, involving law enforcement, and making oneself a hard target. 


The podcast concludes with a discussion on the significance of situational and scenario-driven training for personal safety.


Lessons Learned

Lesson 1 = Situational Awareness

Emphasizes the need for awareness of surroundings and changes in the environment.


Lesson 2 = Surveillance Awareness

Stresses the importance of recognizing and understanding surveillance as a prerequisite for potential attacks.


Lesson 3 = Proactive Measures

Encourages proactive steps, including involving law enforcement at the first sign of a threat, maintaining a surveillance log, and making oneself a hard target.


Lesson 4 = Involving Law Enforcement

Provides practical advice on involving law enforcement early on, such as documenting suspicious activities and providing detailed information.


Lesson 5 = Scenario-Driven Training: Highlights the significance of situational and scenario-driven training for personal safety, emphasizing the importance of practical knowledge.


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