Self defense podcast cover aware and prepared with host mandi pratt

Street Smarts: 5 Tactics For Keeping Your Possessions Secure

Street Smarts: 5 Tactics to Keep Possessions Secure

Self defense podcast cover aware and prepared with host mandi pratt


Current Crime Trend = Theft of purses and wallets at a specific grocery store in California


You’ll hear actionable advice to safeguard personal belongings, drawing attention to common tactics used by thieves and suggesting proactive measures we can all take to minimize risks and stay safer while out and about. Enjoy!



Lessons Learned

Lesson 1 = Instead of putting the purse / backpack on a chair next to you, put it in your lap or around your chair leg


Lesson 2 = Clip the bag using child safety belt into your cart or just keep your bag on you


Lesson 3 = Think about getting a purse with a flap and a zipper 


Lesson 4 = Don’t get distracted by your phone


Lesson 5 = When walking on the street, carry your purse on shoulder that’s the opposite side of the street


Current Trend: Thefts At Grocery Store in CA


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