Today, Mandi gives you a chance to catch up and thanks you for listening! 

She gives a quick overview of past episodes so you can make sure you didn’t miss anything. 

Most Popular Episodes:

1. Mandi’s Story shared in the very beginning. (Part 1 = overview / Part 2 = Detective Ryan)

2. Most Asked Women’s Self Defense Q’s with A’s. (Guest is Mandi’s mentor, Joe)

3. Where Are Our Children Disappearing To? (Online grooming – an onramp to trafficking)

Other Favorites:

1.  Understanding the Tactics of Predatory Criminals: Kelly’s Story (All ages should listen to understand tricks and manipulations predators use!)

2. Emotional Abuse and Teen Dating Violence (Emotional abuse is not talked about enough!)

3. I Was Tracked by an Apple AirTag (My own personal and recent story) 

4. Victim Resources & also Restraining Orders (with Det. Roberts and Cyndi, D.A. Office)

5. Myths about DV shelters (Laura’s House)


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