Mandi pulls together a few different interviews for a panel discussion on teen dating. They discuss some things that most aren’t willing to talk about. Learn some teen dating safety tips whether you are a teen or a parent wondering how to keep your teen safer while dating!

Special Guests for panel discussion:

  • Caleb (Mandi’s son) and his fiance, Amanda
  • Veronica, Education Outreach Dept. Manager at Laura’s House

    Lessons Learned

    Lesson 1 = Check the person’s reputation before you start dating them. 

    Lesson 2 = Remember to include boundaries and have your own space, freedom!

    Lesson 3 = Have compassion on yourself as you learn and grow. 

    Lesson 4 = Meet the family of the person you’re dating and pay attention to how they treat each other

    Lesson 5 = Make sure it’s safe to communicate with who you’re dating (respect)

    Lesson 6 = Parents can model sharing feelings even when kids are young

    Lesson 7 = Parents, make sure you’re a “safe” adult so kids can disclose without fear or judgment. This takes practice!

    Lesson 8 = Begin conversations young regarding trust, respect and safety in ALL relationships  


    LaurasHouse.Org – Domestic Violence Shelter in Southern California

    National DV Hotline

    Covenant Eyes for Accountability

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