Mandi pulls together a few different interviews for a panel discussion on social media safety, especially for teens, especially given the recent announcement from our Surgeon General that social media can have a profound risk of harm to the mental health and wellbeing of children  and adolescents.

About 95% of teens today use some sort of social media. And one third of them said that they use it “almost constantly.” Our teens and tweens are facing a mental health crisis, a good deal of it due to constant social media use.

Special Guests for panel discussion:

  • Caleb (Mandi’s son) and his fiance, Amanda
  • Detective Robers and from the D.A. Office, Cyndi
  • Veronica, Education Outreach Dept. Manager at Laura’s House

Lessons Learned

Lesson 1 = Really think about what you post, even on a “private” account

Lesson 2 = Be smart. Don’t show personal information in the background of your photos or share your exact location either. Turn off “Location Services” in your phone.

Lesson 3 = With gaming and social media, make sure that you know who you’re talking to and only connect with friends that you know, or friends of friends.

Lesson 4 = Don’t photograph or share anything that you don’t want your grandma to see!


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