The Women Aware and Prepared host reads Kelly’s story from the book, The Gift of Fear.

We listen as Kelly is manipulated into letting a charming stranger into her home to “help” her with her groceries.


We learn how Kelly, a 27 year old woman, listened to her own intuition and saved her life after this Good Samaritan-appearing stranger sexually assaulted her and was planning to come back to the bedroom to kill her.


Kelly found that fear was actually a powerful ally that allowed her to save herself. 


We learn with Kelly, from the author of The Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker, the strategies that Kelly’s perpetrator used. De Becker shares multiple survival signals to heed for our own safety.


He believes that understanding and intuitively listening to the fear of danger is key to being able to protect oneself from such situations.

Lessons Learned

Pay attention to the survival signals that predatory criminals use which warn us of danger, especially when paired together.


  1. Forced teaming builds premature trust
  2. Too many details are a distraction move

  3. Charm and Niceness can be a directed instrument with a motive

  4. Typecasting exploits our desire to look good and appear nice

  5. Loan Sharking makes you feel like you need to return a favor

  6. Unsolicited Promise is a dangerous hint when you never asked for a promise

  7. Discounting our NO is a huge red flag!


The book read in this episode is the National Bestseller, The Gift of Fear, by Gavin De Becker. This is the #1 self defense tool I always recommend. Read the whole book or listen on Audible.


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0:02:00 Kelly’s Story from “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker


0:03:26 Conversation Between Two Strangers: Trusting a Good Samaritan


0:06:38 Kelly’s Story of Survival: How Fear and Intuition Saved Her Life


0:09:32 Exploring the Power of Fear That May Save a Life


0:11:40 Survival Signals: Understanding the Tactics of Predatory Criminals


0:13:30 What is Forced Teaming: How to Recognize and Defend Against Manipulation


0:15:35 Conversation on Charm and Niceness


0:18:04 Recognizing Deception Through Too Many Details


0:21:10 Recognizing and Defending Against Typecasting


0:22:20 How a Predatory Criminal May Use Loan Sharking


0:24:32 The Unsolicited Promise


0:26:10 Discounting the word “No” and Negotiating


0:28:34 Summary: Understanding Intuition and Survival Signals

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