My guest, Andrea, recounts a chilling stalking experience from over a decade ago when she was a young graduate living in Pasadena. As the story unfolds, she shares the gradual realization of being watched, the eerie encounters, and the unsettling intuition that preceded the revelation of an imminent threat. 

The narrative intensifies when her apartment manager reveals a disturbing encounter involving a suspicious individual armed with duct tape and lock-picking tools heading up to Andrea’s apartment. 

As the stalking escalates, Andrea shares the unsettling moments leading up to a critical incident involving her and a friend confronted by potential abductors in a white van. The episode delves into the emotional toll of the stalking experience, emphasizing the importance of personal safety awareness and street smarts. 


Lessons Learned

Lesson 1 = Listen to your intuition and ACT

Lesson 2 = Pay attention to your surroundings (no earphones in, not looking down at phone)

Lesson 3 = Call the police 911 if someone is stalking you (document it every time)

Lesson 4 = Carry a self defense tool and train with it

Lesson 5 = Share with someone you know and trust what is happening to you

Lesson 6 = Talk with our kids and tell them it’s ok to yell and lie, if needed, to stay safe


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The primary purpose of the Women Aware and Prepared Podcast is to educate and inform. This podcast series does not constitute advice or services. Please use common sense for your own situation.


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