When Your Admirer Becomes a Stalker: Safety Strategies [Ep. 52]

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What happens when an unwanted admirer escalates to a stalker? Mandi and guest, Joe, urge listeners to take these situations seriously. They explore the nuances of establishing a red line or boundary and what to do when this person crosses it. 

Insights into legal measures, self-defense tactics, and community support networks are shared as they empower individuals to proactively address and safeguard against these types of threats. 

Everyone deserves to live in peace and safety. Don’t settle for this type of behavior!


Lessons Learned

Decide on what your red line is going to be. What is your main boundary and what will you do after that is crossed?

Document each incident.

Get help. Don’t hesitate to involve friends or neighbors or even authorities.

As threat levels rise, consider legal options. Look up the stalking law in your state.

Consider enrolling in a self-defense class like Krav Maga (real life street fighting) and make sure you like your instructor.

Empower yourself through taking proactive steps to enhance your safety which leads to increased confidence.  

Remember our goal is to escape and not have to fight!



To inquire about Joe’s self defense help, contact Mandi. Here is the California stalking law

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