When To Call 911 or Non-Emergency Police Number

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Mandi announces an upcoming episode featuring a role play with a local police dispatcher named Glenna. To prep for that, Mandi covers topics such as when to call 9-1-1 versus the non-emergency number, emphasizing the importance of saving the local police department’s number in your phone. 

Additionally, the host provides six tips for calling the police and two resources for anonymous reporting and how to view local crime activity. 

Overall, the episode aims to help listeners understand how to effectively communicate with the police in emergency and non-emergency situations.

Lessons Learned

Six tips for calling the police mentioned in the podcast episode:



Tip 1: Provide your location and stick to the facts of the situation when calling 9-1-1



Tip 2: Calmly answer all questions from the police to help them understand and assist effectively



Tip 3: It’s acceptable to call back if the situation changes or new information arises



Tip 4: If you accidentally call 9-1-1, be aware that they may still need to respond



Tip 5: Teach your kids how to call 9-1-1 and communicate their address


Tip 6: If you need help and the police are present, gesture for them to come to you rather than just waving



WeTip.com for anonymous reporting



CrimeMapping.com shows recent crime activity reported in your neighborhood



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